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There is plenty of focus on sustainability and energy efficiency when it comes to new building projects. But what about buildings that have already been constructed?  It is a well-known fact that 80% of the buildings that will be around in 2050 have already been built, therefore efforts to reduce emissions must primarily focus on existing stock. This is where retrofitting comes in.

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your energy consumption, reach the required EPC rating for rental property or are a social landlord with portfolios of stock to assess,
LEAF can help. 


Founded by Architects, we are retrofitting specialists. Our unique LEAF process takes a holistic view of all contributing factors which affect a building’s performance and LEAF uses this to produce informed, tailored retrofit solutions.​


Retrofitting is the act of upgrading a building to reduce its energy consumption, mitigate against climate change and to reduce carbon emissions.


  • Retrofit Advisor

  • Retrofit Assessor

  • Retrofit Co-ordinator

  • Retrofit Designer

  • ​PAS2035 Compliance

  • Thermographic Survey

  • Cloud Point Survey

Get Retrofit Ready

Buildings function as a whole, sensitive to changes that happen within them, so planning retrofit and maintenance measures in isolation rather than as part of a joined-up process risks incurring unintended consequences, such as inappropriate insulation specification and positioning leading to moisture degradation of a building fabric. 


LEAF is here to provided solid guidance to those seeking to navigate the journey towards energy reduction and decarbonisation in existing buildings. Before you embark on the retrofit journey you will need to ensure your building is 'Retrofit Ready' as simple maintenance can increase both internal comfort and the fuel efficiency of the building, as it allows the building to work as effectively as possible. For instance cracks in the render may contribute to damp, which in turn will lead to mould growth.

Maintenance makes your building ‘retrofit ready’ and should be done before undertaking larger measures.


Access the LEAF Retrofit Ready guide and see what you can do to start the journey.

Download the LEAF Retrofit Ready Guide

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We want to use our unique position as Architects and Retrofit specialists to trigger change in the construction sector: to improve quality of life of building users, mitigate fuel poverty and build a more sustainable future. 

The LEAF team will guide our clients through the retrofit process, providing them with the knowledge and experience they need to enact change. We will continuously strengthen our understanding for the benefit of our clients to offer honest and valuable solutions, catered to each individual project.