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​The LEAF team are impartial, informed and most importantly, qualified Architects we offer the following services, dependant on your requirements:

  • Retrofit Co-ordinator 

  • Retrofit Designer

  • Property Acquisition

  • Stock Assessment 

  • SAP Assessor

  • EPC 

  • NDEA 

  • ​PAS2035 Compliance

  • Thermographic Surveys*

  • Detailed Thermal modelling

  • Cloud based surveys

  • Retrofit Quantity Surveying (Cost consultant)

* Property heated months only

What sets us apart is that we are experienced Architects and property professionals, not only do we know buildings, but we know how to detail and design buildings, the knowledge is already there. As Architects we are inherently in tune with the liabilities and risks involved in the building process as a whole. When you work with LEAF you are in safe hands. 


For those not required to follow PAS2035 (private homeowners and landlords) LEAF offers a unique retrofit service. Like PAS2035, our LEAF process provides a series of tailored procedures and solutions using detailed software analysis of the building modelling to ensure that your retrofit is carried out correctly, once, avoiding the use of future maintenance expenditure or the incidence of the unintended consequences of retrofit. 


LEAF offers support to property owners, private landlords, local authorities, social housing and asset managers on the retrofit journey. 

We use our knowledge as Architects and property professionals to forensically examine your buildings and offer tailored solutions to improve the building fabric for the future. We will always go for the easy wins first and our tiered recommendations are robustly tested to ensure there are no unintended consequences and provide you with the required outcome.

Retrofit goes beyond just improving EPC

Find out more about how LEAF can help you



Looking to make your home more energy efficient and improve your carbon footprint? We are architects and property professionals who want to help. LEAF offers a truly unique homeowners retrofitting advice from as a little as £500


Social Landlord

LEAF offers Social Landlords a PAS 2035 compliant route to assessing stock and implementing carbon reduction improvements for a portfolio. We work with your asset managers to produce informed and cost-effective solutions


Private Landlord

Working with your team LEAF can help produce a comprehensive stock assessment and tiered solution plan that can be built into your asset management. We also offer front end acquisition support to inform viability of potential projects. 

LEAF Process

Our LEAF process will provide you with three reports, depending on the level of service you require. They recommend changes which range from simple to 'Whole House' solutions that can done immediately or over the course of 25 years. The recommendations are all tested robustly to ensure each staged improvement works symbiotically with the last, avoiding any long term unintended consequences.

LEAF Process


For the LEAF team, it all starts with a seemingly simple question - what is the motivation? Lower bills? Lower emissions? Lower embodied carbon? Compliance (PAS 2035)? We are keen to know the reasoning for your enquiry because every answer will help inform the direction of the retrofit journey.


You will receive our ‘LEAF Client Questionnaire’. This helps us define and understand your requirements and gain important insights into the condition of the property/housing stock. Our accompanying informative guidance called ‘is your property retrofit ready?’ can give you an idea of the first enabling steps potentially needed for a whole building retrofit.

Are you Retrofit Ready?

Buildings function as a whole, sensitive to changes that happen within them, so planning retrofit and maintenance measures in isolation rather than as part of a joined-up process risks incurring unintended consequences, such as inappropriate insulation specification and positioning leading to moisture degradation of a building fabric. 


LEAF is here to provided solid guidance to those seeking to navigate the journey towards energy reduction and decarbonisation in existing buildings. Before you embark on the retrofit journey you will need to ensure your building is 'Retrofit Ready' as simple maintenance can increase both internal comfort and the fuel efficiency of the building, as it allows the building to work as effectively as possible. For instance cracks in the render may contribute to damp, which in turn will lead to mould growth.

Maintenance makes your building ‘retrofit ready’ and should be done before undertaking larger measures. Access the LEAF Retrofit Ready guide and see what you can do to start the journey.

Download the LEAF Retrofit Ready Guide

Click here to download

LEAF accreditations & memberships

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